What are Earth Rods? Types and Usage

Earth rod is a rod composed of elements that conduct electricity used in earthing systems. Any incidence of electrical surge can pose dangers of electrocution, especially during lightning. To prevent this, Earth Rod is installed into the ground so that any excess current drifts towards the earth.

The earthing rods and accessories are important safety components and should be installed with great caution. These are essentially electrodes made of metal and are vulnerable to corrosion. That’s why the earth rods are made corrosion-resistant so they can be kept concealed in the ground for a long time.

Types Of Earth Rods

Earthing rods and accessories are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They can be made in different arrangements like plates and pipes or rings. The earthing accessories manufacturer in India supplies all the different kinds of earth rods.

Solid Copper Earth Rod

Being highly resistant to corrosion and having an incredibly long life, these earth rods are perfect for applications that require long-term commitments or places with excessive fault currents.

Galvanised Steel Earth Rod

Made of extremely strong low-carbon Steel and dip-galvanized, these are the cheapest earthing rods. However, they provide less corrosion resistance and current conductivity among the earthing rods.

Stainless Steel Earth Rod

Manufactured through the electroplating process, these earth rods are advantageous over copper rods because they are chemically bonded to the steel core. This reduces the chances of tearing or slipping while being installed into the ground.

Copper Bonds Threaded Earth Rod

These earth rods are also made employing the electroplating process, using a layer of copper that binds molecularly to a low carbon steel core. It is highly resistant to corrosion and has very high electrical conductivity. The installation process is effortless due to the presence of the steel core. The low carbon steel provides great tensile strength when bound to 99.9% unadulterated electrolytic copper.

Uses Of Earth Rods

The main use of earthing rods and accessories is to protect people. Sometimes, an insulation fault can arise, and causes can lead to electrocution through indirect contact. The earth rod provides an interface to the grounds. Earthing system should be functional in any kind of soil condition.

The metallic parts of the electrical appliances are connected to the guarding conductors, which are in turn connected to the earth rod, and this forms the earthing arrangement. A good earth rod should be extendable.

They are employed for both overhead and underground networks for maximum earthing and proper distribution. They offer maximum high fault electrical capacity for MV, HV and LV substations, power stations, towers and other applications.


Different earthing rods and accessories are meant for various types of uses. While choosing an Earth rod, one should be very specific about their requirements as it is an important safety feature that requires extra vigilance. For the best quality earthing rods, look for the reputed earthing accessories manufacturer in India, and ensure a safe and effective earthing system. You can just browse through top products of earthing rods and accessories on http://iacelectricals.com/.