The Company owns state-of- the-art manufacturing units spread across 150,000 sq. ft. and equipped with some of the latest machineries. We have transformed ourselves into a process driven organisation. This has helped us to channelize our resources and abstain from wastage. The positive margins generated through reduction in wastages and cost overruns are passed on to our customers.



This remains one of the main process in any manufacturing unit. Additions to this process has been inclusion of CNC (Computer Numerical controlled) Machines for drilling and plasma cutting for plates and Flats. We also use such machines in other activities like –


gives final shape and required dimensions to our products. Several Hydraulic & Pneumatic Press Milling machines, turning machines, Lathe etc. complement each other in creation of the desired product. CNC Turret Lathe is one such machine which has helped us deliver our products with precision in less time


VMC or the Vertical Milling Centre is a CNC machine which aids in production of dies required for casting. Being a major activity both wrt time and cost, this in-house facility helps us to execute orders with strict timelines.


CNC pipe bending machines help in manufacturing of corona/interference reduction/protection rings of various configurations. Polishing or buffing of these rings are then carried out to remove any sharp edges on the surface thereby minimising the corona effect.

MIG/TIG Welding

A cousin of traditional welding for ferrous items, this welding is performed at very high temperatures with special welding electrodes for aluminium alloy pipes and tubes mainly used for rings, dead end clamps, T-Connectors and various other components. This process requires trained/qualified welders.

Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium Die Casting is one of the most important and critical process in hardware manufacturing. It can broadly be classified under 2 heads:

Gravity Die Casting

A more traditional form where liquid molten aluminium alloy of desired composition is poured into a die. The self- weight of the alloy helps the molten liquid to take its desired shape. This process is now superseded by a much-improved technique of pressure die casting which removes even small traces of air voids in the product.

Pressure Die Casting

This process uses a much modern technique wherein pressure is used to push the molten alloy into the die, thus giving a better quality with improved efficiency. The product generating from PDC is more homogenous in nature. Needless to mention all such processes require utmost skillsets.

Forging/Extrusion/Polymer Moulding and Steel Casting

IAC maintains a reliable pool of manufacturers for its forging requirements. These units work as hands of the company delivering the required products with quality and within agreed timelines. IAC as the ‘principle” has the leverage to accelerate production of forging in these units.


IAC possess an in-house galvanizing capacity of 10,000 Metric Tons per annum. The planted is operated with least manpower and is semi- automated. The Zinc bath temperature is automatically controlled thus reducing the dross generated. We are able to adhere to galvanising thickness from 50-150 microns as per client requirement. Routine check of products is done from every lot to ensure quality.

Preformed Products

Tailor made machines have been installed in the helical forming area of IAC works to manufacture Armor rods & retaining rods of diverse sizes as per the project requirements.

Assembly Shop

Putting the beads as a necklace has always been a crucial task. At IAC, a team of skilled technicians ensure proper assembly and fitting of various components to ensure that they are now ready for shipment to respective project locations. During this process they also ensure that the product is quality checked.

Material storage and handling

The company owns sufficient area for its manufacturing processes. The areas are kept clean with clear demarcation of gangways, drive ways, Manufacturing lines and storage. The factory is well ventilated with HSE been maintained as a practice. Regular drills are conducted keep the people aware of the hazards and the mitigation thereof. The factory units are equipped with EOT Cranes/Hydra Cranes/Forklifts etc. As a HSE initiative we have now demarcated areas for smoking/drills/assembly areas/scrap disposal. The company maintains ERP for material traceability. All the sheds are named and processed assigned to respective sheds. Process owners are made responsible for their KRA’s.

Packing/Bundling and Despatch

IAC products are given the required quality packing for air/road/sea transport. Sea worthy packing with fumigation of containers is done for export supplies. This ensures safe transit of material.

IAC factories equipped with modern machineries and an experienced technical team and a dedicated work force is ready to take up the challenges of the future. We are committed to customer satisfaction achieved through quality and timely execution of orders.