IAC Electricals – A brief history, work & expertise and the winning process

Among the many transmission line hardware fittings manufacturers in India, IAC Electricals Pvt Ltd, having standing of six decades,  is one of the leading manufacturers of highly dependable and comprehensive range of Hardware, Fittings and Accessories for Phase conductor besides ground wire, OPGW, AB Cables, and multiple distribution line products making one of the most trusted name in the industry.  Committed to consistent  quality and reliability of the products, IAC Electricals is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 18001:2015 accredited company that caters to a complete range of products starting from 440 V to 765 KV HVAC and 800 KV HVDC. Headquartered in the eastern capital of India, the company has manufacturing facilities covering an area of 150,000 Sq. ft. spread across 2 premises, IAC is fully equipped with the equipment to deliver precision and quality products. IAC is partnering as a preferred partner of domestic and global clientele that includes major Power Utilities and Turnkey Contractors in T&D & Substation segments.


What do we do and how do we do?

Design & Engineering

We take immense pride in optimizing design of all our products with the latest technical specifications for a cutting-edge arena of cost competitiveness and also to ensure our objective for absolute customer satisfaction. In the current times, optimisation of products in line with the technical specifications plays a significant role and it is essential to stay ahead of the curve with constant innovation, quality and superior designs.

Having said that, none of the capabilities are possible without an experienced team. Our team at IAC is continuously designing products that conform to the IEC/ASTM/BS/DIN and BIS standards. With the required qualifications, specialisations, and unparalleled experience, we have loyal customer base spread across 20 countries. We use the latest computer software and simulation programs to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.


Our process is typically divided into the following steps:

  • Planning – The first and foremost step is planning, procuring, and sourcing of the resources required for manufacturing of right products. Once that falls in place, we list down the challenges of newer designs and ways to address them.
  • Conceptualisation – Our second step involves brainstorming, research and innovations on the basis of existing designs and then newer requirements, basis the client specification.
  • Detailing – The most crucial step is the basic design development of all our products. This goes in hand with the verification both for 2D and 3D designs. Fresher designs are scrutinised by the use of 3D models. We then ensure the dimensional compliance and compatibility of components in the string in the same process.
  • Verification and Validation of the Designs – Once we have the final design in place, a team of professionals performs a thorough checkup using various software before approving the final product design.
  • Proto-testing – To ensure product durability, samples are developed to carry out proto type testing to ascertain the various components for compatibility in the string as per design and there is no undue stress on other elements of the product.
  • Testing Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical tests are carried out on the samples in our in-house NABL accredited laboratories to ensure 100% compliance along with various other design parameters.
  • Acceptance – The samples that pass this stringent and essential process, are then released for mass production and see the light of a day.

Being an area of continual improvement, our team works tirelessly to develop better designs for the transmission line hardware fittings and other products. Today we proclaim to have satisfied client base spread across 20 countries. With time came the necessity to expand and now, we have the capacity to successfully design and test products upto 765 HVAC and 800 KV HVDC. IAC Electricals aspire to lead the transmission line hardware fittings manufacturers in India and other areas of expertise to provide uncompromised service to all.