Design & Engineering

In this arena of cost competitiveness, optimisation of products in line with the technical specifications plays a significant role. This can only be achieved by dint of superior cost-effective designs. IAC has continuously strived to achieve this feat through innovation by developing contemporary designs for its customers worldwide.


The experienced team of IAC has designed products confirming to IEC/ASTM/BS/DIN and IS standards. Today we proclaim to have a satisfied client base in more than 20 countries. With time came the necessity to expand! We now have the capacity to successfully design and test products upto 765 HVAC and 800 KV HVDC. We have a full-fledged team having the required knowhow and experience. We use the latest computer software and simulation programs to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.


Our process includes:

  • Planning is required for resources to be used and the challenges in case of newer designs and ways to address them.
  • Conceptualisation is done based on the existing designs and newer requirements which may vary depending on the client requirements
  • Detailing: Basic design development and verification both for 2D and 3D is done using Auto CAD. Newer designs are scrutinised by use of 3D modelling to ensure dimensional compliance and compatibility of components in the string.

    The design and manufacturing of dies used for casting is done with the help of CAM software. The software is used as an input for the CNC Milling machine which produces the error free dies.

  • Verification and validation of designs is done by a team of professionals using various software
  • Proto testing of the samples is carried out mainly to ascertain if the fitment of various components in the string is as per design and there is no undue stress on members.
  • Testing: Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical tests are carried out on the samples to ensure 100% raw material compliance along with various other design requirements
  • Acceptance: Products which pass this stringent process are released for mass production

Being an area of continual improvement, our team works tirelessly to develop better designs. We believe learning is a process and we have just started our journey!


We are open to suggestion and ideas from our visitors worldwide